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Lash Glue Storage

Eyelash Extensions Adhesives Reference Chart

To keep your opened or unopened lash extension glues fresh and minimise performance degradation – store them in the fridge. For opened bottles, put it back into the fridge after your last client for the day. Store upright on the bottom shelf in its ziploc packaging with the included silica gel.

This is a tried and tested storage method. We have actually conducted experiments and Lashers who have used this method report better glue performance and shelf life. This method is also backed up by science and glue chemistry.

*IMPORTANT* Take the glue packet out of the fridge for 30-40 minutes before taking the glue out of its packaging – this is to allow the glue to get to room temperature and prevent condensation from occurring inside the bottle when you open it. Shake vigorously before dispensing a drop. Tightly close the lid after.

(Condensation would only occur if you open the bottle when its content is colder than the ambient temperature)

The cold temperature retards the polymerisation process. Moreover, the fridge’s low humidity and darkness (no sunlight/UV) also help to keep the glue fresher for longer.

Unopened, our adhesives can be stored up to 10-12 months from the date of purchase. They are best used within 6 – 7 weeks of opening and should be discarded when the glue becomes clumpy/gooey or difficult to work with – whichever is earlier. The hotter and/or humid the environment and the more you lash, the shorter the opened adhesive’s shelf life. It’s not worth using the glue after this as the risk of losing customers or having to redo the extension will be more costly.

> How to manually shake your glue

Lashious Free Glue Shipping Coupon: LashiousRocks

BUYER BEWARE: Daejin (maker of Sky/Lady Black) do not sell their products direct to the public. Beware of any websites that use the Sky Glue logo or domain name as if it is the official site – they are NOT affiliated with nor are owned by Daejin/Sky!

Recommended reading: everything you need to know about eyelash extension adhesives

>> How We Look After Your Adhesives

More information on each glue here:

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Korean Eyelash Extensions Adhesives Reference Chart

Eyelash Extensions Adhesives Reference Chart

Glue speed (in order of lowest to highest fume):

  • Sky CD 2-4 sec (ideal temp 25-30C / 77-86F)
  • Lady Black 1-3 sec (ideal temp 24-27C / 75-80F)
  • Sky TD+ 2-3 sec (ideal 24-26C / 75-79F)
  • Sky Zone 1-2 sec (ideal 21-23C / 70-74F)
  • Sky S+ 1-2 sec (ideal 20-23C / 68-74F)

Don’t worry about humidity unless it under 30% or above 65% (80% for Sky CD).

Warmer temperature = faster drying speed.

Lashious Free Glue Shipping Coupon: LashiousRocks

BUYER BEWARE: Daejin (maker of Sky/Lady Black) do not sell their products direct to the public. Beware of any websites that use the Sky Glue logo or domain name as if it is the official site – they are NOT affiliated with nor are owned by Daejin/Sky!

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Make More Money With Premade Volume Fans

Pre-made Volume Fan Lashes - 3D & 5D Volume fans
Pre-made 3D & 5D Volume fans. With over 330 fans per tray, enough for 2-4 clients.

A lot of opinions and misconceptions have been put forth about using premade volume fans. Some lashers are even getting harassed/bullied by other lashers (who only work with their own handmade fans) because these handmade lashers think that it’s cheating to use premades. Let me make this clear – it’s not cheating and as long as you charge accordingly and your customers are happy with the results, who’s to judge! Moreover, not everyone can afford handmade/Russian volume nor able or willing to lie down for 2-3 hours at a time. Continue reading Make More Money With Premade Volume Fans

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It’s Not The Humidity. It’s Your Temperature

Best Temperature/humidity for doing Eyelash extensionLadies and gents, you’re over worrying about humidity when you should be concentrating on locking down your temperature in order to get your lash glue operating at its best.

If your trainer frightens you to death about humidity, take it from the glue dude – they’re wrong and glue chemistry says so!

Most glues don’t work well below 20C (70F). If you lash at or below this temperature and you constantly have issues with your glues/retention, the problem is incorrect temperature.

The ideal temperature for pretty much all glues on the market is 21-26C (70-78F, the higher the temperature the faster the glue will set), and most if not all will work between 30-65% humidity. This is why you don’t need to worry about humidity because most of time, you will be inside this wide range. You will only need to think about humidity if your room is outside of 30-65%.

For fast glues (sub 2 secs), it’s best to stick to the lower half of the ideal temperature range (21-23C). If you want your intermediate glues (2-4 sec) to set faster time, set your temperature to the top half of the ideal range (24-26C).

Aircon/heater plays a vital role in your environment. If you have them on, make sure you’re not in the direct path of the vent, as the air blowing out is extremely dry and cold/hot (ac/heater). Your hygrometer measures the ambient conditions and the difference between what’s coming out of the vent (and hitting you) and the ambient can be huge… Hence looking at your hygrometer, you may think that your room is ideal, but when in fact the surrounding air (around the clients head) could be very different if you’re right in the path of the vent. (See picture above.)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that this same “glue” issue always crop up around summer and winter… Why? Because during November – February, Europe/US/Canada (northern hemisphere) are going into winter (requiring the heater to be on), and summer for Australia/NZ (southern hemisphere) – requiring ac to be blasting full. This is reversed around June-August.

And how’s this for a bonus for reading this far – the most efficient temperature to keep your room at is 22-24°C (~72°F) – ie this is the temperature you set your heating/cooling unit at. Perfect lash glue humidity and temeprature

Double bonus – all you need then is just a humidifier (instead of a dehumidifier or both) because both, the ac and heater, will remove humidity from the room. Only use the humidifier when it drops below 30/35% (or when your glue can’t cope). Ideal humidity is 30-65% for most adhesives.

Set and forget at 23C/74F!

Here are a few more workarounds when you need to use the aircon or heater.

Eyelash Extensions Adhesives Reference Chart

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Shock Curing / Blooming

Photo by Candymax

So you’ve heard of/experienced shock curing, aka “blooming” with your lash glue (turning white)?

You would only get blooming if the glue is still “wet” when water, tears, or extremely high humidity (this is much rarer) touches it. If this occurs during your lashing, it’s most likely from the client’s tears… which means that fumes may have gotten into their eyes, or your gel eyepads have leaked into their eyes!

Continue reading Shock Curing / Blooming

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Hydroquinone – Why Lashers Shouldn’t Be Freaking Out!

hydroquinone banHydroquinone – an ingredient in eyelash extension adhesives that lashers are all worked up about, and the misinformation being spread about it is getting ridiculous!

As with all chemicals, there are many uses depending on the concentrations and reactions with other chemicals. It’s either being regulated/controlled or even banned for use in cosmetic products above a certain concentration.

Continue reading Hydroquinone – Why Lashers Shouldn’t Be Freaking Out!

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Glue Recommendations for Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension glue recommendations

Ladies, I’ve seen a lot of eyelash extension glue recommendation questions of late… Here’s a tip – if you control your environment – you can use pretty much use any glue on the market without issues.

When asking for glue recommendations, you should state how many sets have you got under your belt (shows your experience), how long does it take you to complete a full classic set (your pace), and what temp/humidity do you like to work at (your environment). This way, the glue recommended will be more suited to you.

A quick rule of thumb is – if it takes you more than 2hrs to do a full classic set, a fast 1-2 sec glue like the Sky S+ or Sky Zone may not suitable for you, ie – it’s too fast for your pace. A 2-4 sec glue like the Sky CD is more appropriate for your pace (and better for your health), and always follow the recommended temperature/humidity of your glue. Continue reading Glue Recommendations for Eyelash Extension

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4 Simple Measures to Minimise Exposure to Fumes

Sky Eyelash Extension Adhesives Reference Chart

4 simple measures to minimise you and your clients’ exposure to fumes (from glue, cleansers, removers, primers, etc)

1. Wear an activated carbon mask at all times and give your sensitive clients one. (We have them for 39¢ each, so there’s no excuse!)

2. Well ventilated room – having an oscillating fan pointing towards the ceiling from the back of the room; door & window ajar. I can’t stress this enough.

3. Use a certified low fume adhesive like the Lady Black or Sky CD, and ensure your room is at the glue’s ideal operating range – this is where the polymerisation is at its most efficient (the glue cures strongly & very quickly). This chemical reaction produces the fume, so you want this process to get underway and completed as quickly as possible. You will also find that your retention is much better, and the glue will be a dream to work with.

4. Nano-mist at the end even if your room is humid. This helps with the polymerisation, and also freshens client’s eyes and face.

BUYER BEWARE: Daejin (maker of Sky/Lady Black) do not sell their products direct to the public. Beware of any websites that use the Sky Glue logo or domain name as if it is the official site – they are NOT affiliated with nor are owned by Daejin/Sky!

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Best Way to Store and Shake Your Glue Bottle (For Maximum Freshness & Prevent Clogging)

Clogged Nozzle

To prevent clogging of your glue bottle’s nozzle – when shaking the glue bottle, remove the cap and place a piece of foil (or sponge but no cotton/wool/natural fibres) over the nozzle and hold it down tightly with your index finger (while holding/gripping the bottle with your thumb and middle finger). Continue reading Best Way to Store and Shake Your Glue Bottle (For Maximum Freshness & Prevent Clogging)

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Rebranded Sky Glue?

sky glues

Here’s a dirty little secret that a few lash adhesives suppliers don’t want you to know about – I know some have claimed that they have “developed” their own glues (without knowing anything about chemistry), when all they’ve done is stuck their own label on the original Sky glues and charge you a nice premium for it!

Having your own label on a Sky bottle is not hard nor expensive. Sky have an OEM service, where if you buy enough quantity, they will happily print your label instead. There are about 14 different formulas/variants of Sky Adhesives to choose from.

If the bottle and cap combination look like a Sky’s (above and below pictures), with same specifications, the chance that it is a Sky-rebranded adhesive is high.

We stock only the most popular and best selling original Sky glues. Buy the original Sky glues here – we buy small batches on a regular basis to make sure our adhesives are the freshest possible. This is why you can store our unopened adhesives in the fridge for 10-12 months from the date of purchase, not just a few months.




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Differences Between Silk & Faux Mink Lashes

**NEW** Mink Laser Lash by Blink

Differences between Silk & Mink (faux) lashes – both are made from synthetic fibres known as PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate, ie a thermoplastic polymer/polyester).

The differences between the two are their finishings.

Mink is less tapered towards the tip, therefore gives a fuller look. Being less tapered also makes it look similar to real mink, hence the name.

Silk is more tapered – tapering starts from near the base all the way to the tip. This makes it “softer” and therefore lighter compared to the mink counterpart. This is also why “silk” lashes don’t come in width less than 0.1 (because there’s nothing left to taper!) Continue reading Differences Between Silk & Faux Mink Lashes

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The Importance of Correct Temperature For Lashing

Temperature and Eyelash Extension AdhesivesThis cold (if you’re going through summer, scroll to paragraph 4) weather is wreaking havoc among many lashtechs. The majority of adhesives do not set/cure correctly with cold temperature and will cause retention problems.

If this is affecting you, having a heater is a must. It’s actually very difficult to maintain an ambient temperature above 20C (let alone 22C) in winter, and unless you have a wood stove heater or a central unit and a small room, it’s almost impossible in a large room. Continue reading The Importance of Correct Temperature For Lashing

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The Importance of Korea Certification (KC) Approved Adhesives

Korea Certification - KC Approved AdhesivesKorea Certification – KC Mark is an international registered mark by the Korean Government to regulate product standards in order to look after the health and safety of its 50 million citizens… In order to achieve KC status for a product, the manufacturer must adhere to strict standards, tests, and regular factory inspections by government authorised inspectors.

For an eyelash extension adhesive to qualify for the KC mark, it must also be very low in fume and have minimum impact on the users’ health and safety, and must pass tests and guidelines set by Korea Chemicals Management Association (KCMA). Continue reading The Importance of Korea Certification (KC) Approved Adhesives

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Recommended Eyelash Extension Application Procedures

eyelash application procedures

For long lasting retention and best results using our products, below is our recommended application procedures.

But before we start, please note these important points:

  • Always follow the adhesive’s ideal operating recommendations, i.e. temperature and humidity level of the room. Temperature is more important than humidity when it comes to the glue’s performance and speed
  • Most glues do not cure properly with cold temperature and will give poor retention. We recommend a minimum of 21C/70F (ideal 22-24C/72-76F for most glues)
  • The best bond is achieved when not too much glue is used. The thinnest coating of glue is ideal.
  • If using a fast glue, within the first second of dipping the false lash into the glue to sticking it to the natural lash is absolutely critical. If you missed the initial placement, start again with a fresh false lash. Or use a slower adhesive until you’ve “leveled up” 😉

Recommended Eyelash Extension Application Procedures for Long Retention:

  1. Shampoo client’s lashes (10% oil-free baby shampoo, 90% distilled water)
  2. Rinse well (2-3 times) with saline or water
  3. Pat dry using make up sponge
  4. Apply protein remover as per usage instructions
  5. Fan-dry while brushing the natural lashes for a couple of minutes per eye. Make sure the lashes are thoroughly dried.
  6. Take photos (from where you’re sitting, looking down)
  7. Lash away! Dispense lash and glue per your favourite method. Change glue drop when it starts to go gooey.
  8. Once finished – fan-dry the lashes for a couple of minutes.
  9. Then nano mist as per usage instructions for 30 seconds per eye (45-60 sec per eye if humidity is below 45%), from about 20-30cm away, moving back and forth between the eyes.
  10. Fan-dry again for another couple of minutes.
  11. Brush. DONE!
  12. Take photos!
  13. Make sure the client follows your aftercare instructions! BL Cleansing Water is a good product to retail to clients for everyday cleansing.
  14. …Wait 2-4 weeks for refills…
  15. Take pictures (same angle as #6) before doing refills so you can easily make comparison.

*** The first 5 steps are extremely important to producing the best adhesion and retention possible. And only takes around 5 minutes. ***

Must read: Temperature is more important than humidity

Julia Mann @ LashTribe - Lady Black Glue at 3 Weeks Retention
Julia Mann of LashTribe – Lady Black Adhesive at 3 Weeks

My favourite lash and glue dispenser? A coffee mug of course!

Lash and Glue Dispenser
The Prefect Lash and Glue Dispenser

BUYER BEWARE: Daejin (maker of Sky/Lady Black) do not sell their products direct to the public. Beware of any websites that use the Sky Glue logo or domain name as if it is the official site – they are NOT affiliated with nor are owned by Daejin/Sky!

* Header photo credit: Lash Studio (Sydney)

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Price War on Eyelash Extension Products

Price War on Eyelash Extension Products

We have declared war on eyelash extension products! This is not a sale, as sales are limited by nature. There’s no limit with our price war – everything is reduced by 10% to 60%, we will keep this price reduction for the foreseeable future.

From the best extension adhesives from Korea, to the latest innovation in lash technology – the laser lash, and everything else in between, everything in our catalogue is reduced! Bag yourself a bargain now. Easy and secured shopping on your phone, tablets or computer:

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Eyelash Extensions Adhesives – Everything You Need to Know

Polymerisation of Eyelash Extension Adhesive
Polymerisation of Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Wikipedia: Cyanoacrylates (CA) are a family of strong fast-acting adhesives with industrial, medical and household uses. Cyanoacrylates adhesives have a short shelf life if not used, about 1 year from manufacture if unopened, one month once opened.

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate and Methyl Cyanoacrylate based are the most common eyelash extension adhesives.

In general, Cyanoacrylate is an acrylic resin that rapidly polymerises in the presence of hydroxide ion (e.g. water/moisture, alcohol, etc…), forming long, strong chains joining the bonded surfaces together. Because the presence of moisture causes the glue to set, exposure to normal level of humidity in the air causes a thin skin to start to form within seconds, which very greatly slows the reaction (of the adhesive below it). Because of this, CA is applied thinly to ensure that the reaction proceeds rapidly for a strong bond. Continue reading Eyelash Extensions Adhesives – Everything You Need to Know

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What is The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Best eyelash extension glues - Lady Black and Sky CD

What makes an eyelash extension glue the best? While most lash techs only think about the adhesive’s strength and/or speed, other important factors are often neglected. The best glues have everything in balance – strength, speed, retention, fumes/sensitivity, humidity tolerance, and storage life, and is better for yours and your customers’ health…

The thing with eyelash extension adhesive is that it’s always a trade-off – the quicker it dries and longer the retention, the stronger the fume/irritation, therefore, the more likely that you/your customers will develop a sensitivity from regular exposure. Continue reading What is The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

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The Great Sky Glue Confusion

sky glues - eyelash extension adhesives

Sky eyelash extension glue comes in a rainbow of cap colours, and what makes it more confusing is the manufacturer allows their bulk buying customers to choose whatever cap colour they want without any regard to the actual content of the bottle –  the all important formula!

When buying Sky glue, be mindful that the cap colours don’t actually mean anything and formula can vary from one supplier to another.

Always check the type of formulation instead of cap colours. Ask the supplier directly if the formulation type is not stated in their product descriptions: Continue reading The Great Sky Glue Confusion

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Countries We Ship To

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Shipping Rates:

  • Australia: $10 Express Post with tracking. Free shipping for orders over $150 (1-7 days).
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  • Other destinations: From AUD$19  (10 – 21 days) – International Post With Tracking^.  List of countries.
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All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) – Currency Exchange Calculator

We ship to the following countries:

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