5D Fans * Clearance Sale*


CLEARANCE SALE! Now only $23.95/tray

336 fans per tray – enough for 2-3 clients!

BL (Blink Lash) 5D pre-made, yet unglued, volume fan lashes are flexible, ultra-light, have even and long-lasting curls, and very soft. The volume fans come in a variety of lengths, curls, and provide a soft, natural, full look. These Volume Lashes are on the cutting edge of the lash extension industry and is very easy to use/apply.

Because of the different lengths and tapering of each strand, these 5D fans are actually lighter than an equivalent handmade 5D, and more natural-looking. Each 5D fan weighs only 10% more than a single strand of 0.15 lash and much less than a 0.2!

And unlike other pre-made 5D volume fans, the BL 5D are not pre-glued together, allowing you to further adjust each fan as needed and won’t be clumpy after being dipped in adhesive. They can also be made into a 4D or 3D just by peeling off one of the outer strand(s)!

Increase your profit and reduce your application time without compromising on your workmanship with this innovative product!

BL 5D pre-made volume lashes take the hassles, tedious and time-consuming task out of doing volume lash extension. As a result, you can reduce your volume application time by up to 50%. If you can do classic/1:1 extensions, you already have the required skills to use this product!

All clients, and especially those with fewer natural lashes, will able to get natural looking voluminous coverage using this innovative product.

BL is one of the best names in lash extension and highly regarded by top lash stylists all over the world. They have their own research and state of the art manufacturing facilities. Most other brands are just rebranded from “white-labelled” products.

Genuine premium BL 5D pre-made volume lashes delivered to your door.


  • Apply the fan under the natural lash for best results!
  • After the application is complete, you can brush the lashes more to separate each strand from the base even further.

How to pickup:

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Pick up a 5D fan using a volume tweezers (or your favourite tweezers) just below where the fan is stuck to the strip. Then gently lift vertically up from the strip. The fan should peel off easily. Dip the base of the fan in the adhesive and stick the fan under the natural lash for best results.


  • Ultra-light & soft, each fan weighs much less than 0.2
  • Ready and easy to use
  • Not pre-glued – fan can be further adjusted if required
  • Volume Type: 5D
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 9 to 13 mm (Mixed Length: 7-14mm)
  • Thickness: 0.07 mm (per strand)
  • Curl: B, C or D
  • Tray of 12 Strips, 28 fans per strip (336 fans per tray)
  • Save up to 50% in volume application time
  • Brand: BL (Blink Lash Korea)


Click here for BL W/3D Volume Lashes

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Additional information


B, C, D

Length (mm)

Mix Lengths, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13


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