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The Great Sky Glue Confusion

sky glues - eyelash extension adhesives

Sky eyelash extension glue comes in a rainbow of cap colours, and what makes it more confusing is the manufacturer allows their bulk buying customers to choose whatever cap colour they want without any regard to the actual content of the bottle –  the all important formula!

When buying Sky glue, be mindful that the cap colours don’t actually mean anything and formula can vary from one supplier to another.

Always check the type of formulation instead of cap colours. Ask the supplier directly if the formulation type is not stated in their product descriptions:

A, B – least sensitive/fume, but also weaker and longer drying time. For highly sensitive people. Type A variants such as A+, TA, etc are also known as B.

C – stronger and faster than B while still extremely low in fume and sensitivity. 4-6 seconds.

D – stronger and faster than C. Fume/sensitivity is also extremely low and toleratable by most people. 3-4 seconds.

S / S+ – very strong and fast drying, very fumey. Sensitive people will not be able to tolerate it. 1-2 seconds for S+.

Generally, the faster the glue and/or the longer the retention; the higher the fume. This applies to all glues on the market, not just Sky

All Sky glue types are best between 40% to 60% relative humidity (dries faster at higher humidity and temperature, slower at lower range), temperature 21 – 25/27C (warmer = faster).

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