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Lash Glue Storage

Eyelash Extensions Adhesives Reference Chart

To keep your opened or unopened lash extension glues fresh and minimise performance degradation – store them in the fridge. For opened bottles, put it back into the fridge after your last client for the day. Store upright on the bottom shelf in its ziploc packaging with the included silica gel.

This is a tried and tested storage method. We have actually conducted experiments and Lashers who have used this method report better glue performance and shelf life. This method is also backed up by science and glue chemistry.

*IMPORTANT* Take the glue packet out of the fridge for 30-40 minutes before taking the glue out of its packaging – this is to allow the glue to get to room temperature and prevent condensation from occurring inside the bottle when you open it. Shake vigorously before dispensing a drop. Tightly close the lid after.

(Condensation would only occur if you open the bottle when its content is colder than the ambient temperature)

The cold temperature retards the polymerisation process. Moreover, the fridge’s low humidity and darkness (no sunlight/UV) also help to keep the glue fresher for longer.

Unopened, our adhesives can be stored up to 10-12 months from the date of purchase. They are best used within 6 – 7 weeks of opening and should be discarded when the glue becomes clumpy/gooey or difficult to work with – whichever is earlier. The hotter and/or humid the environment and the more you lash, the shorter the opened adhesive’s shelf life. It’s not worth using the glue after this as the risk of losing customers or having to redo the extension will be more costly.

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