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Best Way to Store and Shake Your Glue Bottle (For Maximum Freshness & Prevent Clogging)

Clogged Nozzle

To prevent clogging of your glue bottle’s nozzle – when shaking the glue bottle, remove the cap and place a piece of foil (or sponge but no cotton/wool/natural fibres) over the nozzle and hold it down tightly with your index finger (while holding/gripping the bottle with your thumb and middle finger).

Shake vigorously for at least 30-60 secs.

(Storage directions at the bottom of this page)

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Shake it baby! Best way to shake your glue bottle.

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Dispense your drop, then straight away wipe nozzle with the foil, and close the cap tightly. This will virtually eliminate the build-up of glue on the nozzle and clogging it (because there’s no longer any glue inside the cap). Store the bottle upright.

* (RE foil, tear a small piece about the size of your palm, then fold it in half about 3 times for strength).

* Never wipe the nozzle with alcohol wipes or cotton rounds. The alcohol will cause your glue to polymerise and blocks the nozzle. The cotton fibre may cause fire/burn when in contact with the adhesive.


To keep your opened or unopened lash glues fresh and minimise performance degradation – store them in the fridge! For opened bottles, put it back into the fridge after your last client for the day. Store upright on the bottom shelf in its ziploc packaging with the included silica gel.

*IMPORTANT* Take the glue packet out of the fridge for 30-40 minutes before taking the glue out of its packaging – this is to allow the glue to get to room temperature and prevent condensation from occurring inside the bottle when you open it. Shake vigorously before dispensing a drop. Tightly close the lid after.

The cold temperature retards the polymerisation process. The fridge’s low humidity and darkness (no sunlight/UV) also help to keep the glue fresher longer. Unopened, our adhesives can last up to 10-12 months from date of purchase. They are best used within 6 – 7 weeks from opening and should be discarded when glue becomes clumpy or difficult to work with – whichever is earlier. The hotter and/or humid the environment, the shorter the opened adhesive’s shelf life. It’s not worth using the glue after this as the risk of losing customers or having to redo the extension will be more costly.

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