Pre-made Volume Fans

Blink is a top South Korean brand and we have their pre-made (not pre-glued) 3D & 5D in B, C, D curls at 20% off. Each strand is made from 0.07mm thick lash so they are super light for good retentive results.

20% off! Ultra-light and easy to apply. Do volume extensions in less time.

Over 330 fans per tray (enough for 2-4 clients)!

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  • 5D Volume Fans

    BL 5D Volume Lashes

    Sale! AUD$19.00AUD$32.90
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  • 3D volume fans

    BL 3D (W) Lashes

    Sale! AUD$16.50AUD$23.90
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Showing all 2 results