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What is The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Best eyelash extension glues - Lady Black and Sky CD

What makes an eyelash extension glue the best? While most lash techs only think about the adhesive’s strength and/or speed, other important factors are often neglected. The best glues have everything in balance – strength, speed, retention, fumes/sensitivity, humidity tolerance, and storage life, and is better for yours and your customers’ health…

The thing with eyelash extension adhesive is that it’s always a trade-off – the quicker it dries and longer the retention, the stronger the fume/irritation, therefore, the more likely that you/your customers will develop a sensitivity from regular exposure.

South Koreans (both lashers and their customers) are more concerned about health effects of strong fumes. Because of this market demand, they have better choices with balanced glues, ie, glues with acceptable retention (4-5 weeks), good drying speed (1-4sec), yet with the LOWEST fume possible.

Considering infills, on average, is every 2-3 weeks, full set not long after, and a person sheds between 1-5 lashes per day — really long glue retention is actually not that important nor should be the most important factor when choosing your glue…

Our Sky CD Professional and Lady Black Premium Glue are both perfectly balanced between all of the above important factors.

And if you love your Sky “black caps”, the manufacturer produces a premium version of it for sale inside South Korea – the Lady Black – which is almost as fast and strong, but extremely low in fume/sensitivity. It comes in a reusable foil ziplock, a packet of moisture-absorbing silica gel.

We are the only supplier outside of Korea with both of their top selling lash extension glues.

Check out both of these best-selling lash extension glues.