Activated Carbon Filter Face Masks (50 Pack)

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Your health is number 1! Work safe by always wearing an activated carbon filter mask to minimise inhalation of fumes, bacterium, and dust.

4 layers filtering, disposable, activated carbon face masks.

  • 50 disposable activated carbon filter face masks per box.
  • Price is for 1 box.
  • Bendable nose-bridge for better fit
  • Soft band for comfort
  • Size: 18cm x 9cm

How to wear:

Wear the dark side of the mask on the outside. Bend the nose bridge on the mask, and pull the mask down (so that it expands where the folded lines are). Put it on, contour around your mouth and nose, and squeeze the nose bridge against your nose for a closer/tighter and more comfortable fit.

If you’re wearing glasses and you find that the glasses fogs up, try positioning your glasses either a bit higher or lower on your nose (sitting on top of the mask). Also move the mask higher and lower on your nose (while moving the glasses). You’ll find a sweet spot where the glasses are just far away enough from the escaping breath which caused the fogging.

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