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This little tiltable fan unit can move a lot of air due to the high powered USB powered motor. Featuring long lasting metal blade and grills.

It’s small enough to hold using one hand, and comes with a stand for unattended air circulation. Pretty much all South Korean lash stylists use this fan throughout the lash extension session.

After using the protein remover/primer to clean the natural lashes, use the fan to thoroughly dry them so that they don’t interfere with the glue. Hold the fan from above and about 30cm from the eye/face and turn it on for 60-90 seconds.

During extension, sit the fan on nearby table/surface and aim it toward the direction of the client’s head, but pointing towards the ceiling, this will produce good circulation around your working space. Air circulation during lash extension also dilute the amount of fume that you and your client inhales, this helps to reduce irritation.

After application: if your humidity is above 60%, use the fan to dry and set the adhesive. Hold the fan from above and about 30cm from the eye/face and turn it on for around 2-3 mins. Moving it side-to-side slowly to produce an even dry across the lashes. Use the nano-mister at the end of this to further cure the glue (especially if your humidity is below 60%), hydrates and freshens your clients face.

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  • Metal Grill and Blade
  • Powerful USB powered motor
  • Tiltable
  • 90cm USB cable attached to the back
  • On/off switch at the back
  • Available in black only
  • 13cm


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