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4 Simple Measures to Minimise Exposure to Fumes

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4 simple measures to minimise you and your clients’ exposure to fumes (from glue, cleansers, removers, primers, etc)

1. Wear an activated carbon mask at all times and give your sensitive clients one. (We have them for 39¢ each, so there’s no excuse!)

2. Well ventilated room – having an oscillating fan pointing towards the ceiling from the back of the room; door & window ajar. I can’t stress this enough.

3. Use a certified low fume adhesive like the Lady Black or Sky CD, and ensure your room is at the glue’s ideal operating range – this is where the polymerisation is at its most efficient (the glue cures strongly & very quickly). This chemical reaction produces the fume, so you want this process to get underway and completed as quickly as possible. You will also find that your retention is much better, and the glue will be a dream to work with.

4. Nano-mist at the end even if your room is humid. This helps with the polymerisation, and also freshens client’s eyes and face.

BUYER BEWARE: Daejin (maker of Sky/Lady Black) do not sell their products direct to the public. Beware of any websites that use the Sky Glue logo or domain name as if it is the official site – they are NOT affiliated with nor are owned by Daejin/Sky!