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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Rebranded Sky Glue?

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Here’s a dirty little secret that a few lash adhesives suppliers don’t want you to know about – I know some have claimed that they have “developed” their own glues (without knowing anything about chemistry), when all they’ve done is stuck their own label on the original Sky glues and charge you a nice premium for it!

Having your own label on a Sky bottle is not hard nor expensive. Sky have an OEM service, where if you buy enough quantity, they will happily print your label instead. There are about 14 different formulas/variants of Sky Adhesives to choose from.

If the bottle and cap combination look like a Sky’s (above and below pictures), with same specifications, the chance that it is a Sky-rebranded adhesive is high.

We stock only the most popular and best selling original Sky glues. Buy the original Sky glues here – we buy small batches on a regular basis to make sure our adhesives are the freshest possible. This is why you can store our unopened adhesives in the fridge for 10-12 months from the date of purchase, not just a few months.