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Glue Recommendations for Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension glue recommendations

Ladies, I’ve seen a lot of eyelash extension glue recommendation questions of late… Here’s a tip – if you control your environment – you can use pretty much use any glue on the market without issues.

When asking for glue recommendations, you should state how many sets have you got under your belt (shows your experience), how long does it take you to complete a full classic set (your pace), and what temp/humidity do you like to work at (your environment). This way, the glue recommended will be more suited to you.

A quick rule of thumb is – if it takes you more than 2hrs to do a full classic set, a fast 1-2 sec glue like the Sky S+ or Sky Zone may not suitable for you, ie – it’s too fast for your pace. A 2-4 sec glue like the Sky CD is more appropriate for your pace (and better for your health), and always follow the recommended temperature/humidity of your glue.

The reason many lash master-level could use any glue without issues is that they control their environment to how they like it and to match to whichever glue they’re loving at that time.

Sure you can use a glue to match your environment, but if you don’t control your environment, you will be either constantly switching glues or having all kind of issues because your room temperature and humidity can fluctuate during the day…

Each glue will have its own ideal range, but did you know that even a degree or two can make a huge a difference to the glue’s performance (especially its speed)?

Many lashers also have issues when the season changes – those who control their temp/humidity never have these kinds of issues regardless if it’s freezing cold or sweating hot outside.