Soft Patch – Non-gel Eye Pads


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These new soft patches (latex-free non-gel eye pads) are flexible and lint-free and are used to cover under/bottom lashes in eyelash extension applications. The white colour patches relieve the tech/stylist’s eyestrain and is very easy to remove without causing skin irritation. These soft patches are also adhesive-safe, meaning they will not cause the exothermic reaction (burn/smoke) when the glue touches them.

This new product is much more economical than gel/collagen eye-patches and safer to use on your clients because there’s no gel/collagen to cause reaction/chemical burns. Clients won’t even feel it being peeled off!

Each pack contains 50 pairs, and works out to be less than AU$0.40 per pair (compared to over $1/pair for gel patches)! Why waste time and energy cutting your own from microfoam tapes?!

How to use:

  • Shampoo client’s lashes, rinse and dry well using a dry sponge. Make sure the area under the eye where you will apply these patches is dry.
  • Covering the bottom lashes, place the patch as close to the edge of the lower eyelid as possible. Gently and with enough pressure – push/stick patches down for good adhesion.

Gel-free soft patch for eyelash extension

NOTE: these patches aren’t as sticky compared to tape or gel patch that you may be used to… When peeling the patch off the sheet, use the tip of your finger or nails and hold only the corners, try not to touch too much of the sticky side of the patch. Place the patch flush up to the bottom eyelid (instead of 1-2 mm away from the eye like when using gel patches). The patches are latex free and glue-safe.

For talkative/twitching clients, sticking 3M micropore tape over the patches will prevent it from moving:

Gel-free soft patch for eyelash extension


Material: TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane is a class of polyurethane plastics. TPU is resistance to oil, grease and abrasion). Latex-free.


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