Super Flat Lash

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Super Flat Lash (by BL Lashes Korea) is the lightest and softest flat lash on the market. It’s matte finished and has a width of 0.15mm, but is only 0.04 thick (0.15x 0.04mm, other flats are 0.15 x 0.07). Because it’s so light, the retention is up to 35% longer than a standard mink lash and 15% longer than other flat lashes.

Super Flat Lash Hybrid Set
A beautiful hybrid set using Super Flat lash by Sonya Aspey Lash & Beauty Studio

What’s so special about this flat/ellipse lash compared to others on the market? Apart from being extremely soft, satin matte finish, the tip of the lash is split (like a snake’s tongue), which gives a more voluminous and striking result!

These lashes are made from high-quality Korean fibers and can hold its curl much longer than Chinese-made fibers.

12 strips per tray of individual or mixed lengths (8mm – 13mm). Available in C, and D curls.

Flat/ellipse lashes have longer retention compared to traditional round lash.

Super Flast Lash


Super Flat Lash
Classic set using Super Flat Lash by Lucy Clapham


From the innovator of Laser Lash, unglued 3D and 5D premade volume fans – BL (Blink Lash Stylist & Care).

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C, D

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Mixed Length, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13


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